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Our world right now is one that is filled with chaos. Hatred, Fear, Impassioned Free Speech all at the forefront in a world I never thought I would experience. I am a ‘Jewish American Princess’, spoiled having experienced no anti-Semitism whatsoever in my life but, for the one time in NY’s Time Square when a ‘Jew for Jesus’ yelled at me for being a “rebel without a cause”. If you knew me, you’d laugh too. Rebel, I am not.

But, here we are in 2014, knee deep in fear and loathing. My world, once a safe little haven of suburbia now consists of armed guards at our Synagogue on Sabbath. My world, once a Facebook feed of parenting jokes and pictures is now filled with a myriad of impassioned, angry friends. We are all praying for the same thing, sharing in the same goal and wondering why the world-at-large doesn’t seem to get it.

Israel, our homeland, one in which I have only been privileged to spend a mere ten days of my life, is under attack. Not just physically, which is horrid enough, but the tiny, scratched, twisted lenses that celebrities, media, and even our own President sees this situation is nothing short of shocking.

For the first time in my life, I don’t feel safe in my bubble.

I went to LA on a family vacation. My husband wearing his Kippah, and I went to a Fed-ex type store in the Jewish are of Pico Blvd. We both walked in together and were asking to fax a paper. We were met by a Middle Eastern man with a heavy accent. He stared at my husband, while talking to me. I simply asked him to fax a paper we needed immediately faxed for a business transaction. This was the only place locally to do it that we could find.

He took the paper from me and didn’t seem to take his eyes off my husband. I asked my husband to go to the kosher store next door, knowing this would take some time and I could finish up. When he left, the man immediately went to the back of the store. I was a little nervous as I waited at the counter. I thought about leaving but, knew that he had my one and only copy of this paper to fax. I waited a few minutes and a different man – an American, came out and did my fax. The other man did not return.

I have no idea if this was because he didn’t want to help us, or my paranoia kicking in. But, I have never once felt like that before around anyone. I live in city filled with a huge melting pot of backgrounds and not once do I feel fear. But, here we are in a time where terrorists are killing ours (and their) children (18 year old soldiers are children) fighting for their right to peace, where anti-Semites are putting leaflets on cars in my area, where swastikas are being grafittied on Shuls in Miami. Where a trip to Europe, that once sounded romantic and luxurious, now seems like a bad idea. Well, it’s just unbelievable and scary.

So, this week, I stepped back. I got angry. It is an unfair response to feel fear. We said Never Again and we meant it. We are strong Jewish people, but without belief and trust (in Hebrew the word is Emunah) in G-d we are nothing. So, I choose to believe. Believe that there is method to this madness. Believe that this war will be over quickly and more quietly. That my son will be able to travel to Israel and live there for his year, in peace. That our family and soldiers in Israel will be safe from harm, in the interim. That G-d will watch over all of us and we can restore the bubble of safety, once again.

If we give in to that fear and lay in wait for  something bad to happen, then we are giving the terrorists and anti-Semites what the want.  Instead keep rallying, keep speaking out, keeping righting the wrong information. That’s my 2 cents…

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