About Stretching My Limits


What can I tell you about me in 200 words or less…

I have been told you have the attention span of a second grader with ADHD so, I’lll keep it short.

I have 4 kids. I cover all ages and stages of driver’s training to toilet training.

I’m a pretty decent Mom, I think – but, you’ll have to ask them.

I radically believe in putting the Me in Mommy. We all have busy days, huge to-do lists and moments of craziness, but what keep us from running for the hills is time to unplug. Meditate on life. Breathe in a moment of personal space. Laugh at ourselves.

I’m just a little too tired, a little too hopped up on caffeine and a little confused about the meaning of it all anyway…

So, I want to share in the diapers, the I HATE YOUs, the silliness and the snuggling on a Sunday morning raising our kids, staying afloat and finding time for ourselves and our relationships.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find some insight worth coming back for…

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