Carpe Diem

Life is a roller coaster, an uphill battle, a total pressure cooker. Yes, life is stressful. But, sometimes just for the sake of life itself you’ve just to get off that coaster, roll down that hill and get outta the kitchen!

About three weeks ago, I was sitting my cold living room huddled under a blanket. It was around 10 degrees outside, the high for the day and I had had it. I live in the midwest where we are lucky to feel warm sunshine only 20 percent of the year. Winters here are long, depressing and endless. Just when you think you’ve survived, bam a cold front. You get out of it and bam, snowstorm. Spring feels right around the corner and bam surprise spring storm again! Yes, I often wonder why I live here. But, I digress…

So, I am huddled under my covers and a thought pops into my head. What if we just up and took our kids to Disney World. It’s a dream I’ve had since I got married to one day say to my children “Hey guys we’re goin’ to Disney!” In my dreams my children are little and they jump up and down endlessly until they fall on top of me with glee. Now, my children are growing older and I feel the days creeping away. My oldest keeps moving his foot closer and closer out the door to college.

Carpe Diem. I see the words scroll across my mind humming a beautiful Hallelujah tune. Quickly I send an email to my husband with my random, crazy idea. I press send. Wait.

“Yes. Let’s Do It!” Those beautiful four words pop into my inbox.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am anything but spontaneous. I am careful, safe, calculated and preplanned at any moment, ready for any situation. I do not just ‘up and do’ anything. Ever. But, in this moment it felt right. I didn’t know if my husband was serious or just feeling the cold in his bones, like I was. Now I was on a mission.

I quickly crunched numbers to find what we could afford (after all, I was being wild, not crazy!) I booked tickets, which were on sale lower than I had ever seen before! The total number shocked me at how affordable.

Next, hotel. I figured this would be the downfall. Surprisingly, I found an amazing place right outside of Disney that was also on sale for an off-season rate.

It seemed that G-d was telling me what I had to do. Carpe Diem, Disney.

It was to be. I booked that trip faster than you can say, Snow Day. My husband came home from work shocked that all had been booked. I had never done anything like this before. My heart was racing, palms sweating and I was so excited to tell my children!

My moment of bliss came. I made my official “We’re goin’ to Disney!” announcement. While I did not have a pile of hugs and jumping (that’s not cool for teens and tweens) I did have some tremendous shocking smiles. The best response from my kids was my son’s response, “Why? You never do anything like this!!” I responded, that was exactly why I did it.

The moment you seize the day, grab a chance at happiness and do something WILD you teach your children that sometimes, not all the time, it is okay and appropriate to live in the moment. That sometimes, not all the time, you can do something for you and your family that may not seem wise, cheap and maybe even is a little silly. When you live in that moment and get off the roller coaster you can enjoy life, create new memories and remember how to have FUN!

So, we’re goin’ to Disney!!! Carpe Diem. Sunshine, can’t wait to see you 🙂

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