Cold & Snow Day Activities, Take 2

Hi. Yep, we’re home, again. That darn Polar Vortex is taking over and Chicago parents are lamenting the woes of kids home, again. With nothing to do, again. Here’s another few ideas to rile up the troupes and pump up the creative quotient. Stay warm and have a hot adult drink at the end of the day…. 

For more ideas, visit my first posting – 10 Things to Keep Kids (& Moms) Sane on a Snow Day.

 Indoor Lazer Zone 

DIY kids activity-2

Grab some crepe paper leftover from that party, or  use yarn or string. Line up an awesome hallway ‘lazer’ course that will keep any young group carefully running to safety. Leave it up all day and let them count the amount of times they have to ‘straddle through the warzone’ to get into the bathroom.

Paper Plate Art

Googley eyes, markers, paint and pipe cleaners around the house? Well, here’s a simple way to dress up paper plates and keep the kids minds sharp. Dream up some warm sunshine and use anything you’ve got around the house to let em go wild!


Craft Sticks Are Your Friends

Got a box of craft sticks and don’t know what to do with them? Here are 10 ways you can have a little craftstick fun (even some that don’t involve sticky glue!) with that box laying in your closet.


Got Toddlers?


Grab some tongs, some blocks or pasta and get creative with this awesome listing of toddler tried- and-true activities. Then hand that list over to the big kids and have them choose the activity to do with their younger sib. You’d be shocked at how you can busy 2 birds with 1 activity!! You could even go one further here and offer Monopoly money redeemable for prizes later (as it looks we may be stuck here again, tomorrow) if they do an awesome ‘babysitting’ job.

Superbowl Sunday Prep


Hosting a Superbowl party and keeping the kids occupied this week can go awesomely hand-in-hand. Create adorable table décor with the kids, make homemade pom poms for your cheerleaders and this could easily be adapted for a big kid T. Grab an idea or 2 from this list and run with it.

De-Clutter Fashion Show

Transform your hallway into a runway stage with a good ole lamp or two. Fancy up your runway (have the kids decorate it their way) and pump up the jam. Let the kids try on their old clothing and strut the runway. What still looks great, keep in the keep laundry basket and those that are too small, in the toss.    

Marble Painting


If you’ve never tried this, well what are you waiting for? Yes, paint is messy so all moms technically hate it a little. (almost as much as play dough crumbs in the rug) But, you can even do this project inside a foil pan and keep the mess contained. Grab some marbles (or rocks, if marbles aren’t on hand) and get your inner Picasso going.  You can also create your own homemade paints out of simple ingredients like salt and flour!


Sharpie Tie Dye T Shirt


Waiting for Summer to avoid the mess? No worries, because now all you need for adorable tie dye t-shirts is a plastic cup, rubberbands, white t, rubbing alcohol and sharpies! Watch this easy how to video, learn a little about science (I won’t tell if you don’t) and have a blast!! 


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