Exercise in Patience

We live a world where we get buzzed, jingled and rang at a moment’s notice to let us know of calendar changes, texts with I’ve Arrived in One Piece or even instant ability to check if Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow . This actually happened this morning. Instant Googling had to take place to appease my 9 year old’s curiosity. Mr. Punxsutawney Phil did not…

It is often frustrating for me to exercise, eat healthier and take better care of myself only to not notice a bit of change. I want immediate gratification!

I am like a child, the moment I get off the treadmill. I run to the scale sweating to see how many ounces I’ve lost. Typically the answer is a big fat disappointment and the motivation is gone for the day. I have only been planking and training for two days and of course, I have already checked my scale. Twice. I know this is a major no-no and every rationale in my mind says this is just stupidity – but I am an impatient person.

So, for Day 3 of my Getting Healthy or Die Trying Challenge I am working on patience. I do not typically get mani/pedis and I have lots of friends who go weekly for this spa experience. In the warmer months, occasionally when my feet are just awful, I will treat myself. But, the sitting, waiting and drying…well, I am not good at that. I tend to jump up right after and walk out the door ruining my investment and cursing myself all the way home. So my practice in patience today was to force myself to use a Gift Certificate I had marinating in my wallet for months.

I went to get a manicure.

For me, the worse of the mani/pedi choices, requiring extra sitting time before leaving the store. Then, careful pre-planning of key placement and wearing my coat indoors, so as to not ruin the nails. Followed by a painful ‘beating up’ sort-of massage where I just sit there and take it as a tiny, little Asian-American woman takes out her aggressions on my shoulders.

But, today I needed an exercise in patience. I chose my color, only half caring what it was as I knew I would likely ruin it before I even left the store. I sat and soaked, buffed and cleaned out hangnails I wasn’t even aware I had. I then ran to the bathroom to avoid ruining the nails later (and to get a much needed seating break) to then be polished, shined, polished again and sat. Next was my ‘massage’. As Nancy (certainly not her real name) pounded me like a fresh steak, my mind drifted. Why do I have such an issue with patience? What would life be like if I were just calmer and not so on the go…

I imagined myself on a beach. With a book. This scenario actually happened to me last year. In theory it sounds wonderful. Much like this:

Sadly, after 20 minutes of reading I felt the need to get up and move take over me. My mother would call this “Shpilkes”. Shpilkes is a fun Yiddish word meaning needle. Like sitting on pins and needles. I guess, today it’s called Ants in my Pants.

Anyway, my mind is wandering to these ants in my pants. I start to wonder if having little patience is so bad. I do things quickly, I don’t have a long to-do list (generally) and I expect results fast. None of those sounds terrible, heck if even sounds good! So, maybe I can use this as a learning experience.

Exercise doesn’t give fast results unless you motivate yourself to push harder. So, no in 3 days I will likely not make much of a difference in body. However, exercise is already making a difference in my mental state. I just learned to accept my flaw of impatience as an actual gift that helps me accomplish my goals. Way to turn a negative into a positive. Not too bad for Day 3!

Plus, my nails actually look lovely!