Homage to My Mail Man

It’s freakin’ cold. We know it. Our kids are home, offices are shut. Hell, the entire city of S Bend was ordered indoors today! So, when I saw my mailman (or to be PC my Letter Carrier) but, really he is an actual mail man coming up the walkway I just had to write.

Anyone who lives on his route would know he’s actually kind of a cute mailman. He sorta has a ‘look’ that shows he really enjoys what he does. Now, don’t go thinking I am crushing on the mailman, that’s not what I mean. It just appears that even in frigid temps he still likes his job. So, I want to take a moment and say a very public thank you to Mr. USPS and appreciate him delivering my People Magazine, even in this crazy weather.

(I did offer him hot cocoa, but he declined. I am certain he thinks I have a crush on him.)

It’s a nice reminder to see someone in the service industry still ‘Serving it up with a Smile’ when the rest of us are so easily falling into winter oblivion.

Who showed up at your house rain, shine or Polar Vortex?

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