I’m SO Bored! 10 Things to Keep Kids (and Moms) Sane on a Snow Day

In preparation for the Midwest shutdown due to extreme weather conditions, I put together a list of some fabulous  activities, courtesy of Pinterest and my Mommy prior experience, to keep the little ones busy at home. Please feel free to add to the list below and help a Mama out!

FYI – One of my favorite memories as a kid was that ever-wished-for Snow Day. I know it’s frustrating, especially for many of us going on week 3 of vacation, but remember as I get ready to send one off to college next year, they are only little once. It’s an opportunity, not a curse, that they’re with us.

Start It Off Right

Breakfast and fun can help you get over the kids school day cancelation. Create these easy pancakes and let the kids decorate.

Snowball Toss Game 

Click on the photo for full directions. The kids will spend at least 30 minutes prepping and designing the cups, gathering cotton balls and setting up. You can even gather other items to have them toss in like large marbles or homemade snowballs out of paper crumples.

Homemade Paints, Not for the Clean At Heart

This link will take you to directions to create homemade paints made from ingredients you already have in your pantry. While this can get messy it’s all non-toxic (and even edible, well sort of) and could prove to be a whole lot of fun with some science of colors mixed in.

Boxes Galore and More

Let imaginations run wild with old boxes, tissues boxes, empty toilet or paper towel rolls and a whole lotta packing tape. Once built this skyscraper can be decorated in a myriad of ways with crayons, markers, your homemade paint or old wrapping paper rolls. Get creative and keep em busy!

Science Fun

This one is really cool. You have most of the ingredients on hand. Alka-Seltzer may not be in your cabinets but, next time you’re at the grocery store it may be fun to pick that up and try this another time.

Make Your Own Game

Boring days are perfect for creative minds to run wild. Take an old game and reinvent it with the kids (this is also a great idea for older kids to do alone or with a friend). Create family related cards, print and add pictures etc.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Armed with a shopping bag, a pillowcase or backpack send your little ones on a scavenger hunt! Print out the list above or create your own. Easy to find items can also lead to the kids creating a whole afternoon of scavenge-ring or pirating the day away.

Runny Crayons

This is really fun and can look awesome on the wall reminding Moms of Snow Day Survival. All you need is a good box of crayons, paper and a hair dryer. The rest is up to your creativity.

Laundry Baskets Are Boats and Other Fun Things

Remember the old days, when forts were cool, baskets were boats and toilet paper rolls could help you see across the sea? Pull out some construction paper or some dress up items and let the laundry baskets run a-muck!

Watch The Darn Thing!

We have all got em. Tons of old home movies – birthdays, plays, you name it we’ve recorded it. Now is a great time to take TV time and put it into context. Watch those movies and let the kids (and you) appreciate how they’ve grown.

Good luck! Stay Warm and Safe!

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