Little Cups of Gratitude

For the last 10 years I have started my morning with a ‘cup of joe’. I fought the addiction for years, but alas motherhood, insomnia and a very persistent husband made me cave. I have never regretted the move towards my pick me up and in fact have come to savor the solitude of my morning ritual.

Prompted by a quote I heard on the radio one morning, I began to think about incorporating yet another ritual but, at the end of my day. As life so often does, I got busy and put that idea on the back burner. Then today I saw this quote again:


Cosmic message received.

Please follow me on my  journey to the ends of the day and back looking for joy and thankfulness for all I have and all I am.

I am hoping this new cup at the end my day will offer inspiration into your own moments of gratitude.

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