A Message From My Single Friends For My Single Friends…

Marriage has a new bum rap.

I was talking with a friend last night via Facebook, who just so happens to be one of this year’s ‘hot’ single Rabbis. My buddy is a super eloquent & intelligent Rabbinic figure. After 15+ years of dating, he has many clear insights about the dating scene and lots to say about the “Singles Crisis”.

Having been married for 18 plus years, I feel I cannot even begin to understand the plight of The Single person. I dare not lump every single person together or say there is one way The Single handles himself.

However, as a former matchmaker (yes, I was really a matchmaker) I do have special insight into how some singletons feel about the whole marriage thing and why sometimes things are sabotaged. I have also written dozens of articles on the topic  of marriage and dating for relationship gurus and other matchmakers.

You see, there’s a not-so-new-but-yet-new school of thought that says marriage just isn’t a possibility for everyone in life. Some people just give up  the fight and know that Mr Right will never come a-knockin. The older a person gets, the more they hinge on not waiting around for Mr. Right to show up – unless he officially announces himself and meets an instinct so keen, so fine-tuned and so fleeting that its near-impossible to make a positive hit.

It’s a fairly quick process of M.A.D. – Meet, Assess, Dismiss.

Some begin to lose one major component to a happy life in all this madness – hope.  And so, they stop trying, stop wanting, stop putting themselves out there. The pool becomes smaller, the availability becomes less and the time just seems wasted.

And then, they stop dating altogether.

I cannot imagine that pain or that feeling of anger or frustration.

I completely understand walking away.

While I am not here to espouse (pun intended) whether someone must find a mate or tell you that you are being too picky (I am sure hundreds have already shared that insight with you) I am here to let you know from the other side of the marital bliss, that marriage and great relationships are worth the efforts – so please, don’t give up on it just yet!

I’m sharing some quotes suggested by other Singles who took a hit on the open market. Contributed solely by the single, for the single.

The Message From Other Singles : Please, keep putting yourself out there.

And, Married Friends – STOP judging. Nuff said. These are really beautiful and poignant.





AND for those who ONLY want… A size 2, 6 feet, blue eyes, athletic build, washboard abs I say…

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