Mindfulness From The Mouth of Babes

This morning I had an eye-opening conversation with my 5 year old.

M: Um, Mommy will the snow ever melt?? I wanna see the sand at the beach.

Me: Yes, sweetie, one day soon I hope!

M: Let’s pretend we’re on the sand right now and make a sand castle.

As we discussed what we would do on the sand and how awesome our castle would be, I already felt a tiny hint of the winter stress leave my shoulders. I could feel the warm sun beat down, I could hear the rush of water (or perhaps the flush of a toilet, I couldn’t be sure). But, whatever it was the imagination game felt good.

This is where the idea comes in…

There is an idea in meditation called Mindfulness. You sit, imagine yourself in a soothing, calming place. You Om your way there. You let the stressful or unhappy feelings or thoughts come and you see them, nod to them and then they simply go off on their merry way. If you haven’t tried it it is absolutely cathartic.

So, I got to thinking. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge our ugly winter cabin fever. Put our feelings out there. Nod to them. And collectively let them go.

Please share your ugly  in a word, a phrase or whatever comes to mind in the comments below. Put you negativity out there so we can all collectively loosen our shoulders today on yet another snowy, cold winter day. Let the Mindfulness come and take over and watch the stress get a little bit looser hold on you.

Namaste, my friends and fellow Moms at home. Namaste.

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