Passover Seder, Let’s Kick It Up a Notch!

When I was a kid, Passover meant going through the Haggadah line-by-line. Passover meant I was hungry for ‘real food’. Passover meant chocolate chip cookies that tasted like cardboard mixed with chips. Passover meant fighting over the ‘special knife’ and the ‘three pronged fork’ and counting down the pages till we could eat! And, when it came to Seder it never meant fun. It wasn’t anybody’s fault – it just was traditional and well, boring for us kids.

So, when I made my own first Seder with my children I decided it was high time to make Passover more interactive and exciting.

My first year, I bought The Box of Plagues. This amazing box of trinkets and toys to keep the little ones interested at Makkot time. My kids fought over who was in charge of each makkah and they were having, gasp! fun at the Seder! Throwing ping pong balls for hail and ‘killing’  my first-born with a fake sword.

With fun finally infused, I was ready for more.

So, we added in some re-enactments, some Seder Bingo, some skits, songs and silliness. My in-laws Moses and an Egpytian Server one year, my son creating character roles for us the next. Last year we incorporated marshmallow rewards for asking good questions to be saved and dipped at dessert into a candle-heated chocolate fondue pot.

This year, I have put together a list of new and fun ways to bump Passover up another notch. Some prep prior can go a long way to keeping the kids interested and interactive…Please feel free to add to this list and pass around to your friends!!

Place Cards




These are an adorable nod to the Paschal Lamb and would be a fun pre-Passover project. Each year we try to create a new placecard and we’re definitely going to try this one this year.

Serving Pieces With Meaning

Make serving pieces at your Seder completely personal with this super easy Sharpie idea. Decorate with family traditions, sayings or Passover related artwork. A great idea to keep them busy prior to the holiday.

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking


I just ordered these yesterday! I am very excited to pull them out during the 10 Makkot and surprise my kids. I am thinking these would be so awesome as a gift for a teen or tween also. Have to figure out how to hide my nails until Seder…

Tell The Story A Whole New Way


Acting out the story is always fun for the littler ones at the table. Here is a do-ahead project to create little ‘actors’. You could also incorporate Little People or lego characters just as easily.

Makkot Mmmm


Edible Makkot treats are always a fun way to keep the kids interested and offer a little snack before dinner comes. These are easy to find at any candy store and will make an adorable addition to your Seder.

Chametz Or Not?

Play a pre-Passover game and get little ones prepped and ready to go (or offer a mid-seder break with this game as well) and play Chametz or Not! Grab a few items from the play kitchen and put some real foods for Passover on the a tray. Offer up points for wiinners (or treats). Here’s a sample tray.

Make New Memories and Relive Old Ones

A great post Passover activity – when packing up the dishes have each member of the Seder write down a favorite memory or funny moment from Passover to be included with the packup. When you open your box next year you’ll have a great surprise waiting for you and years of memories to collect.

The 4 Questions in Other Cultures

Ma Nishtana in a whole new language. Yiddish? French? Spanish? Try and spice it up and think about Jewish celebrations in other cultures. Here’s a great video of Yiddish to get you started:

Budgeting For Passover

If this is your first year making Passover, I feel ya, so here’s a great post I read about making Passover on a Budget (which is REALLY hard, but doable).

However you make your Seder special, I would love to hear about it!! Please also visit my Pinterest Page for more Inspired Holiday ideas and please share your great ideas as well…

9 responses to “Passover Seder, Let’s Kick It Up a Notch!”

  1. Yael Fraenkel says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! I would love to know more about the bingo game and the edible makot.

  2. Jessica says:

    I subscribed! Can I pretty please have your bingo cards for my family this Saturday night?

  3. nat says:

    Hi! can you send me a copy of your bingo set? thank you, you have a fantastic site!

  4. sharon says:

    can you email me a copy of the seder bingo? Sounds like fun!!

  5. Betty says:

    I always look for ways to enhance the Seder for my kids and guests. How can I get the printable Seder bingo game

  6. Jack says:

    One year my kids yelled at me for throwing frogs and vermin at them during the recitation of the Ten plagues. Hell, my wife yelled at me too, but it woke them all up. 😉

  7. Yern says:

    Love this post! Great ideas 🙂

  8. Mara says:

    Thanks so much for sharing a link to my post about Passover on a Budget!

    If you’d like me to share your bingo game, please shoot me an email!

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