Rebranding the Self


A huge buzzword often used in the marketing world, rebranding usually applies to product or business. Taking the old and making it ‘New and Improved’ – this type of campaign can up sales, remove negative vibes previously associated with the product and offer a rebirth for a company. So, I am thinking of what this could mean for the Self.

Corporations looking towards rebranding a product often sit with a cohesive team and brainstorm. Strategizing sessions offer up new ideas, new suggestions and reinvigorate or sometimes reinvent the product. What a wonderful concept for this time of year, the Jewish New Year, to Rebrand the Self.  I sat with this for a moment this morning and listed out a strategy. I share this with you to do your own sort of rebranding and possibly birth out a whole new, improved you. This is what I came up with:

Rebrand the Whole Package – If it is a true rebranding you overhaul the entire business model. To accomplish this on a personal level it is necessary to examine what parts work and what parts don’t inside of you. Remember that rebranding is the world’s perception of a product, not the actual product itself. You are not changing who you are inside, you are just reexamining the way you conduct your own personal business.

What parts of my product do I like the most? This was my starting point. Take stock of what parts of me work the best and keep those in “production.” I will admit, this was not easy as I tended to immediately jump to the hyper critical parts, but I refocused and came up with a pretty comprehensive list.

What parts of my product would I like to change and why? We all want smaller hips, more time in the day and a calmer disposition in stressful situations. But, the Why is so imperative to seeing where the breakdown happened in the product sales. Why is that part of me no longer working? Examining the Why got me thinking and really examining where I needed to make some changes.

A superficial sample from my rebranding strategy session: Why do I go to bed so darn late and then ruin my whole morning the next day? If I went to bed earlier of course, I understand that in theory my day would be so much easier. But, I wanted to get more quiet time, check one more thing, finish one last email etc. I decided that the issue was I never ended my day feeling complete. I always felt there was one more… I now plan on making a goal for me before bedtime so that I get into bed feeling more complete. If there are more things on my to-do list they go on tomorrow’s goal list and I can allow myself to feel and accept a completed day.

Consistency Cakewalk – In order to create new product perception it is necessary to create the changes and keep the consistency. Flip-flopping back and forth while trying to figure out what people will like best, only creates failure for the product.  Deciding who you want to be, what your style, your make and your model are and then presenting only your representation to the world, will create a fluid sales pitch that will keep people coming back for more.

Talk to the CEO – It is vital to make a positive presentation when you come up with your rebranding strategy. Marketing teams spend their time making an excellent case to the CEO. In our personal rebranding, we must make an excellent case to the Head Honcho Mr. G-d Himself. Examining the perception to its core, making the tweaks and added touches will give an amazing presentation and likely the CEO will buy in for another year of product.

Taking the time to Rebrand the Self will be a personal journey that can really pay off big time in self awareness and esteem. We are G-d’s ultimate developing project and I feel that just the time spent this morning will begin a wonderful strategizing session with an awesome opportunity for change and acceptance.

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