5 President’s Day Activities

Kids are off of school again this Monday. President’s Day is usually a welcome vacation day for the kids, but with all of these Cold Days off we’re chompin’ at the bit and fresh out of ideas. I am actually going on a Mom-Caytion (we’ll get to that another time)  but, my husband will be home with the younger ones. Here’s a few great and easy science ideas to keep those noggins fresh and the ‘Oohs and Aahs’ coming. Just a few ingredients or supplies needed, so think a bit ahead!

Borax Snow Crystals

If you haven’t had enough snow out your window bring it indoors with these super-cool Borax Snow Crystals. Step-by-step instructions are provided but, really all you need is some borax, pipe cleaners, hot water and a pencil. While you don’t get immediate results, this project takes about 24-48 hours to fully ‘cure’, it will have a huge payoff after school on Wednesday!

Make Your Own Recycled Paper

With Earth Day hopefully coming in just a few months, get a head start on an environmentally-friendly project teaching kids how to make their own recycled paper. All that’s needed for this project is a newspaper, thin screen mesh (even a sifter will do), a pan with 1″ of water, a blender with 3 cups of warm water and a reused brown paper bag (like a lunch bag). Again, this is a make now, play later project as this requires some time to dry. But, overall it’s awesome teaching kids to make something out of garbage otherwise tossed in the can.


If you haven’t made this fun gobbledegook yet, well what are you waiting for? My daughter came home talking about this in school last year and we immediately grabbed the cornstarch and water. Let me tell you this gets really messy but have a camera ready to capture the magic of Oobleck.


Who doesn’t love a Chia Pet? I can’t get that jingle out of my head when I hear it just once. But, why buy it when you can make it at home? It’s super easy as long as you have the ingredients on hand. Pregrass seeds (you can buy both at any Home Depot or Lowes), goggly eyes or paper for decorating, good ole glue, rubber bands and a paper cup. Preschoolers would love this project.

Bubble Paints

Looking for bubble paints that won’t taste disgusting on the tongue (it’s usually made with soap)? The people at Housing a Forest came up with the perfect solution to allow your kids the pleasure of blowing bubbles to create beautiful art and  get their calcium for the day.   Grab a few straws and get the kids painting!

Walking on Raw Eggs

Want to really shock the kids (and maybe you too!)? Discuss with your group whether or not they think dozens of eggs will crack if you walk on them. If they walk on them. Then, lay down a plastic tablecloth on a kitchen floor. Watch this video to see how it’s done. Pull out a few dozen eggs and get cracking, or not…

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