5 Spring Break Boredom Busters

Dreaming of a vacation getaway? Someplace warm? Perhaps this Spring Break you’ll finally make your wish come true (I know I will!) Going away for Spring Break is awesome. Sitting in hour long car rides or planes trips, not so much. Some start spring break in just a few short weeks. Start project prep now and stay on top of boredom or bookmark this page and come back later.

Here are my top 5 faves for spring break boredom busters to keep little and big ones busy when the iPad battery runs low or the videos have run out….

Keep It Contained

My travel motto, learned after years of road trips, is always Keep It Contained. Whatever ‘it’ is, it can’t roll around and fall to the floor every minute. So, here is a a genius plan-ahead activity that can be adapted to whatever projects or printouts your little one loves. This could be a fun pre-trip prep with an older one, as well. I would put my 14 year old or 10 year old on this project, I am sure she’d love making it ahead of time for my preschooler.

Solving, Are We There Yet?

You are about to say thank you. I know it. Who hasn’t almost stopped the car in hour 10 in the car, after the Are We There Yet and the I’m Boreds took over?

Create this little paper chain. Attach to back of your seat and let them rip off one per hour (or for shorter trips you can determine the intervals). You can include little jokes, projects, games, out of the window things to look for etc. and keep them entertained for hours. When you get there and they rip that last chain off, you’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief. Well, you’re welcome.


Have Lego Fans, Will Travel

My daughters love lego. It can keep them entertained for hours. But, with my Keep It Contained rules, well that’s a toughie. Until, I found this little smartypants article that solved my lego problem and made my spring trip plans oh, so much easier. And,  for other amazing lego storage ideas visit here.

Paris, For Big Kids

This would be an amazing Euro travel idea or really fun for any preteen or teen traveler. Simply visit this site and print out a tiny little Paris to be colored, cut, folded and imagined. Placed in a decorated box this could provide a full trip of fun and imagination. Voila!


Bored Board Games
Depending on the age, dusting off those old trivia games could be an excellent time passer for kids. Worst Case Scenario cards, Trivial Pursuit (even jr. addition for the little ones) or Would You Rather can be played amongst the kids or read by the passenger in the front seat. You could go one further and have the kids make up the cards prior to the trip. Especially excellent idea if you’re older kids are home a few days prior to the trip. Stick cards in a ziplock and off you go!

Where ever you’re headed this spring break, make sure its warm & the snacks are plentiful. Have a great trip!!

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