Those Little Voices in Our Head

Anyone who has met my family knows the importance music has in our lives. My husband and son both play the guitar. My daughters were all born with an inner rhythm, practically dancing before they could walk. There is always a song playing in the background of every meal, every study session and even while we wash the dishes or do the laundry.But, sometimes when no one else is around I like to listen to a whole different kind of music – the sounds of the voices in my head. No, I am not some crazed lunatic listening to voices.  I am just quieting the outside world and giving myself some credence for a moment or two. Some of my best thinking is done zoning out in the shower, sitting in a chair staring out a window or while driving in a quiet car.

I just open up my mind and let the thoughts flow freely.

So often, the stress of not having the immediate answer to something that arises, or the ability to make a firm, confident decision about something troubling me often clouds my mind and I begin to obsess. The need to control every situation takes over and I cannot focus on listening to my gut because the white noise of life comes through, buzzing out the clarity in my mind.

I get frustrated, my sleep gets interrupted, I eat poorly and I prioritize myself last.

Studies have shown that relaxation techniques or meditation are proven ways to calm the white noise, open the mind and free ourselves to listen to what is inside. But, meditation is not always easy for someone to accomplish when they have never done it before. For some, it is enough just to sit, in a quiet room, closed eyes and just BE.

What does it mean to just ‘be’?

I am not talking hokey, granola crunching, vegetarian living being. For some, that is too much of a cost to pay for just listening to the mind. I am talking – clear, open thoughts. Sitting in a comfortable chair, in a warm room, with eyes closed and listening carefully to the voices in your head. When I do this, following up with a pen and paper or a computer screen to write, I have the most beautiful clarity in my head. The questions almost always have answers and my gut instinct always sounds like she knows exactly what I need.

Being is the ability to put yourself first, to remind yourself that you exist, you are important to listen to and that you are worth it.

When I have the time, later. I’m busy. I’ll get to it. All the excuses we use to put ourselves last on the list only prevent ourselves from living our best lives. Taking a moment to listen to the voices in our minds allows us better sleep, quality functioning at our highest levels and acceptance of our flaws. We become better workers, better life operators, better parents, better spouses and better friends.

We are on this Earth for a purpose not just to flit in and flit out in a stressful, overworked entities and extensions of all of our responsibilities. Taking the time now to just be can literally change your life.

Try it and let me know how it goes….

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